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Modern Horizons 2 available for preorder, Booster Boxes and singles

Intergalactic store of Russian Magic: top premium cards for you

Hi! My name is Ivan, I am a collector and an active player, big MTG fan.

With the support of the community I founded this site to create the best place where you can get Russian Magic items. Made of 146% pure enthusiasm at first, there are now four members on the team and we are going to do our best for you!

The Russian print run is known as the smallest and hardest to acquire - and it's true. Foils are a good choice for long term investments - increasing in value and much less volatile than other MTG products. This shop is based on the biggest Russian card collection that has been carefully gathered and stored since the very beginning in 2005. Here you can find foil rarities, things with only 10-20 copies ever printed!

Not only that, but we have a unique option to find and get anything you want - single cards, sealed products, special items, etc.

No solid rules here - you can ask any question, leave any kind of feedback. We would be happy to help you find information about anything that concerns Russia. Contacts on the bottom of the page.

We are all part of the community and we should help each other.

Best regards, your mtgru team