Mtgru is an online store specializing in Russian MTG cards and items!

Russian Magic the Gathering cards are exclusive. They are the most rare and difficult to find - even nonfoil versions. Follow my blog to learn why!

This online catalog is based on the best foil card collection in Russia. It has been gathered and safely secured for many years.

My advantages

  • Fast and safe. Don't waste your time trying to find answers - contact me, I am working seven days a week and I want you to be happy and satisfied. We are all MTG collectors and players!
  • Pre-ordering without risk for you. Look here for more information. I know many collectors in the community and can help with finding rarities =)
  • No bureaucracy with shipping. Letters have tracking number and are marked as "free, gift" by default. This way, you don't have pay taxes in your country. (This matters, for example, for many European people)
  • In case of problems arise, I have lots of experience in international trading and I will do my best to help you. I will do all the work because I love my customers!

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About me

I've been a Magic player since 2005. At the time, I only had a few starters, theme decks, and boosters. Then came the Ninth Edition release in Moscow, which was cool, I met Garfield, John Avon, Mark Tedin, and of course Donato Giancola! That's what set things in motion. I became an active player and soon turned into an insane fanatic. Magic was always weird in Russia; small community, no market, and high prices. I have a great many thing to talk about, follow my blog if you want to read more!

As a result of the aforementioned conditions, my friends and I made a decision to collect Russian cards. Turns out we had the right idea! On the one hand, nobody was gathering foils, but on the other, it was rather hard to obtain many of them. It appeared that many cards were subject to print runs containing less then 20, or in extreme cases, less then 10 copies! Single buyers for special cards could hardly find a playset even if all the other traders in the country knew he has money. It was obvious that such cards would be rising in price, as collectibles, while the game moved forward. I would say some kind of market appeared here with Zendikar, but it was still very small.

I've been gathering cards all these years and I am proud of my collection - I have really rare things that were found after 4-6 years of constant searching. Furthermore, I want to say that it was my all-in. Do not misunderstand me, spending 4-8 hours a day in clubs and on the internet made it matter of my life.

Anyways, now I am selling out. There are two main reasons for this, the first of which involves the high levels of aggression in the community, cheating, and scamming/fraud became wide-spread among Magic players and traders. I simply don't want to be a part of that. Plus, gaming is not compatible with my current scientific interests - I want to get money back and put it into my projects.

This site was made to help me. I had too many dealings and talks going on, so I needed an instrument to manage everything. Also, I can list cards that my friends would like to sell. All these years I was dreaming of having such a service to find things that I needed... and now I'm at your service!


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Vengevine NM-LP Foil Playset Russian
Bloodghast NM Foil Playset Russian
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