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To reserve items, add them to your cart and proceed to checkout. You can pay immediately or later. I will doublecheck quantity and condition before finalizing the sale. You can request additional information, any kind of photos for example.

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Card condition

I use the most common system of grading. NM-LP-SP-HP in tiles. But there are always questions about foils. Plus, Russian cards are a bit different. I am taking photos to show cards' condition the best way possible, but only for certain items. Cards' defects are described in the "condition" field.

All cards close to "booster pack fresh" with minor deviations I call NM. LP for lightly played surface and defects that can not be called Near Mint. SP for played cards or cards with visible defects like small scratches. Such cards are often counted as LP or NM by traders in Russia. HP for damaged cards, of which I have several. I do not look on the back unless there are visible defects.

Old sets' foils are made in a different way, they are fragile. Since Zendikar there is another foiling technology. Almost all old foils have wear due to time, micro scratches that are hard to see. Wear appears even on cards that were lying without use. So NM for old foils differ from ZEN and newer foils. Alara block was obviously a test-print.

You can see various print styles on nonfoils as well: Conflux and M12 font can be blurred, cards are even more slippery to the touch! Avacyn Restored's cards are easier to bend and so on.

Attention! Many Russian booster fresh foil cards are not Mint. Special Russian prints has many defects: WWK Dispel has bubbles, Lodestone Golem has white horizontal line. Random cards have dints in corners as a result of booster packing error. I mark these as NM and describe defects in the "condition" field.

This way I provide more information about cards to you - NM-SP marks are used in comparison to booster fresh versions, and are talking about the card in general - defects (if there are any), are shown separately for every card.

If you see old foils with a big smooth dent, that is normal. I suppose some of the defects do increase the cards' values - miscuts are very rare, I've seen less then 10 in total.


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