Pre-ordering from me is simple. How can I help you find special items? There are a few easy steps:

  • Send me your wishlist any way you prefer - note that email is better for long lists. Please provide me with as much information as possible: quantity, edition (if relevant), condition, prices (if you already have some idea about the value of the cards), etc. We will discuss conditions.
  • If everything is okay >> You send me money >> I will acquire the card for you
  • If there are any problems that come up once I get my hands on the card(s) >> You get money back from me // If everything is okay >> I can ship it to you or wait while I continue to fill your wishlist - it's up to you.
  • I shipped the item(s) >> You recieve the item(s) and are happy with your new purchase!

So, this is the easy way to have dealings without risk for you. Finding things and dealing with possible problems is my job.

If you are interested in the most rare and expensive foils >> Please, write a message to with "High end" in the title.


Hi, i'm looking for a drown in the loch foil set
Hello, I will do it
Hi! Could you find me a playset of stormbound geists? I’ve been looking for over a year and can’t find them.
Hello! Yes, we sell Ravnica boxes and supplying products, but not yet uploaded on site. Please contact us for details
Are you going to sell Booster boxes of the Ravnica Allegiance?
I'm currently looking for Foil Russian NM Hedana's Climb.
I am looking for 2 more Russian 9th Edition Sleight of Hand :)
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